Fresh From The Needles (katilos_needles) wrote in 06calknitalong,
Fresh From The Needles

Knitted Gemstone Bracelet

I recently completed the Knitted Gemstone Bracelet from the knitting calendar.

Just a couple of things about the pattern:

The pattern warns you that some of the chips will break when stretching out the wire in the end, but I didn't have that problem at all; none of the chips broke and I pulled and stretched pretty hard so I don't think you need to worry too much about that.

The biggest problem I had, as you can see by the picture, it didn't turn out long enough. Of course, I didn't bother with a gauge swatch before hand, probably should have, but I thought it would be kind of messy with the wire so I just went for it. In the end, the bracelet ended up short no matter how much I stretched and pulled on the wire. So I warn you to leave plenty of length when casting on just case you have this same problem so that you, too, can add extra beads on the end to make up difference. It worked out well enough.

Knitted Wire Bracelet

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