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Cable Scarf

I finished another pattern from the calendar.

I made it with Lion Brand Cotton Ease from my stash, on size 5 needles. I did the majority of the scarf over one weekend because I was so excited with how beautiful it looked. I definitely want to make another one but I think I'll try it with a different yarn and in a color, maybe a blue.

It definitely looks much better in person. The camera doesn't seem to show off the interlacing cables very well. And yes, I still need to block it. I just haven't gotten around to that yet. I'll probably do that this weekend.

Intertwined Cables Scarf
from my daily calendar, March 14 & 15
Intertwined Cables Scarf

a close up of the cables on the scarf
Intertwined Cables Scarf (close-up)

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