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Cable Scarf

I finished another pattern from the calendar.

I made it with Lion Brand Cotton Ease from my stash, on size 5 needles. I did the majority of the scarf over one weekend because I was so excited with how beautiful it looked. I definitely want to make another one but I think I'll try it with a different yarn and in a color, maybe a blue.

It definitely looks much better in person. The camera doesn't seem to show off the interlacing cables very well. And yes, I still need to block it. I just haven't gotten around to that yet. I'll probably do that this weekend.

Intertwined Cables Scarf
from my daily calendar, March 14 & 15
Intertwined Cables Scarf

a close up of the cables on the scarf
Intertwined Cables Scarf (close-up)

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Oh gosh, that's absolutely gorgeous! I've been intimidated by complicated cable patterns, but this one looks like it's worth the battle. :)
Was the provisional cast on really needed or would a regular cast on do? It's been stopping me from making this since I have no idea how to provisionally cast on... :/
The reason provisional cast-on was used (and it was my first time using it as well) was because the pattern was started somewhat in the middle of the scarf and it's necessary for you to go back and pick up those stitches to finish the other half of the scarf. The provisional cast-on makes that easier to do. I think the reason it's done like that is because the cables require more stitches to make them and then you decrease for the edges and for the middle ribbing at the neck.

I'm not experienced enough to know if it would still work out the same if you changed the pattern around and worked it from end to end rather than the way it's written. Maybe someone else knows? But I was considering trying it for my next scarf, using a different cast-on and working from one end to the other rather than starting in the middle. It will take a bit of reworking the pattern but I think it could work.

Although, provisional cast-on really isn't that hard to learn....