QFB Cafe (twotone) wrote in 06calknitalong,
QFB Cafe

First post, and a stupid question!

Hello! I bought the Pattern A Day Calendar for the first time this year, and have made... two items so far. *ashamed*

The ever-popular twisted rib socks! These were a lot of fun to knit, and I like the yarn I used (Knitpicks Parade).

A Warmer World Wristers. Only... I don't know if I did something wrong, but I find that the thumb-hole cuts into my hand a bit and hurts. I wonder if I should've just made regular fingerless gloves? :p

I was eyeing today's lovely Elegant Slipped Stitch Mesh Scarf. I've got several patterns for drop-stitch ribbon-yarn scarves, but I'd never gotten around to making one.

Does anyone know if the Big Eye Needle is absolutely necessary for this? It sounds like you just use it to thread the bead on to the fringe, and it seems like a helper-thread would be just as useful (and require less specialty equipment). But then, I don't have much experience with beading and decoration. :(
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